[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Atlantic Trailer


Lesney Matchbox time is here again, as we work our way up in ascending order of each first series casting in the range. This is 16a, the Atlantic Trailer. This casting entered the range in 1955, and remained until 1956. This was made to accompany 15a, the Diamond T Prime Mover shown in the last Lesney Matchbox installment, and this becomes apparent upon examination:

Like 15a, this is a model of a WW2 era piece of heavy equipment, this trailer originally being intended to transport tanks. Like 15a, this is quite small scale, maybe a little smaller than HO difficult to estimate scale, but I can’t imagine it is larger than 1:90 or so. This casting sits on tiny metal wheels, as were all 16a. Although small and unexciting looking, one can imagine the massive play value provided by utilizing the large tow bar - now you can tow something, and the fun can begin. There is also ample detail, with the diamond pattern on the flat tow area providing accuracy. From all angles, this is another example of quality small scale modelmaking from over 60 years ago:

Front and rear display similar quality, the wire tow bar providing the play value, and the ramp is hinged, a nice touch:

The ramp, retracted:

The base is basic, as expected for the time - the most minimal maker identification:

A pic from the 15a review. This casting was made to be paired with that model. Here they are together with something out of scale on the trailer:

Like 15a, this example is fortunate, enough to live in its pristine original type B2 box. This model came from an original owner collection I was fortunate to find around 10 years ago. Based on what I know from that source, this was made around 1957:

Although not the coolest type of vehicle, I am happy to have this in my collection due to its state of preservation, and if one has a 15a, this is a must-have - pictured with an old time to show scale:

A couple of 1:1s in action from wikipedia and pinterest, the Diamond T shown in the last Matchbox review pulling similar trailers:

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