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Lesney Matchbox time is here again, today we examine a vehicle type I have yet to feature here, a box truck / van. This is Matchbox 17b, the Bedford Removals van. (I seem to lack a 17a, which is similar - thought I had one but can't find it) This casting entered the range in 1958, replacing a nearly identical 17a Bedford van, and remained until 1960. As one can see, it is a good example of the mellow simple models that defined the early years of Lesney Matchbox products:

As this is 1958 (and the casting basis is 1955), there is no glazing or interior, nor opening parts - those were for the future. This is just a pleasant van. It is somewhat chunky but dainty, I’d estimate scale to be around 1:75, possibly even a little smaller. Even though it is from a basic era, it has fine casting line detail, and the decals are intact. This is a hollow casting, and the box/van interior would offer some play value. From all angles, it shows the appeal that helped the brand get its start:

The front and rear have similar qualities, and the hand-applied silver trim adds presence:

The base is basic, as was the style of the time - the casting number is under the roof of the cab:

There’s a little more identifying detail inside the van section:

This example is lucky enough to live in its immaculate original Type B2 box. With this smaller box variety, and metal wheels, I am fairly certain it was made in 1958:

This is certainly a model I am glad to have in my collection. These Removals vans are a popular and well known style of early Lesney Matchbox models, one of the models that helps define the era for many, and I think are required in a representative collection of early Matchbox. As usual for these reviews, an old dime is used for scale:

Similar 1:1 trucks from myntransportblog.com and flickr - this is the type of vehicle that would have been used up and discarded, finding an identical real world survivor might not be possible:

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  • It may not be as well define as the 1:1 but the truck detail is good. I believe I may have one in my collection.

      10 months ago