[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Bedford Tipper


Time again for an installment of Lesney Matchbox. Today we examine Matchbox 40a, the Bedford S-Type tipper truck/dump truk. This casting entered the range in 1957, remaining until 1962. This is another period casting that sums up Matchbox models of the era:

This casting is a great example of play value, with its tilting bed and moving tailgate. The model features excellent proportion and ample fine line casting detail. I estimate scale to be perhaps around 1:70 or so, slightly smaller than a typical diecast passenger car, as this was not a small truck. From all angles, this is a good example of its era:

Front and rear show have similar quality detail, the hand-applied silver trim appearing as-new after more 60+ years:

The base shows maker and model data under the cab and bed, and shows kind of an x-frame design, which I think adds realism. This angle also shows off the metal wheels and dually configuration:

This example is fortunate to live in its excellent original type B2 box. With this box and wheel variant, the model dates from earlier in the production run, made in 1957 or early 1958:

A few pics showing the action of the tilting dump bed and tailgate, significant play value here:

I am pleased to have this model in my collection, as it is another that suggests I have a time machine, and exudes the soft mellow style of early Matchbox products. Pictured with an old dime for scale:

A period image of a similar 1:1 truck from flickr and a modern image from pinterest:

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