[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Bedford Milk Float


Lesney Matchbox time is here again. Today we examine Matchbox 29a, the Bedford (CA) milk float. This casting entered the range in 1956, remaining until 1961. This is yet another of the somewhat soft mellow castings that are representative of Lesney modelsof the 50s:

Yeah, this van-based delivery rig is another commercial vehicle. Models of passenger cars are still on the horizon, not much longer until they are a common vehicle type. Matchbox had a few of these Bedford CA-based models in the 1-75 range - the 25a Dunlop van, this, and an upcoming model. There were a couple other milk floats in the range over the years, someone in product planning must have liked these vehicles. As with the commercials examined so far, this has plenty of fine casting detail for something of its size and age, with the milk bottles at rear adding visual interest and realism. Scale is not easy to estimate, but I suspect it is roughly the standard ~1:64 small scale size. From all angles, this little milk wagon shows the charm of period Matchbox models, from the time when home milk delivery was still a common service:

Front and rear have similar quality, with the silver trim not showing much impact from the passage of 60+ years:

The underside shows maker and model data - something that appeared more with time, and shows off the metal wheels.

This example is fortunate enough to live in its nice and clean original type B2 box, dating to around 1957:

I am happy to have this one in my collection, another from the time machine. As usual, shown with an old dime for scale:

A few similar images from IMCDB and pinterest - this is another vehicle type where likely none survived, so these are a movie shot (showing the sliding front door) and some some period promo pieces:

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