[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Citroen DS19

Final review of the year

1y ago

Lesney Matchbox time is here again, for the final installment of 2019. Today we examine Matchbox 66a, the Citroen DS19. This model entered the range in 1959, in a short run remaining until 1962, and is one of those classic castings that people love today:

The DS19 - a milestone design introduced to the world just a few years before this casting hit the shelves. Lesney captures it in fine style for this entrant into the Matchbox range. I suspect scale is maybe just smaller than 1:65 or so - not a huge casting, and the car itself is also not huge. Detail and proportion are excellent, as expected from the maker, and there are also fine line casting features to add realism. As this was introduced in 1959, it is a hollow casting with no glazing, interior, or moving parts, and it never gained them, as it had such a short run. From all angles, one can see this is a quality miniature of an unmistakable car:

Front and rear have similar quality detail, the cast-in Citroen chevrons on the rear decklid being a nice touch:

The base is basic, the style of the time, and contains identifying data. Notice the wheel track is slightly narrower/tapered at rear, like the real world vehicle, and the smooth sculpted shape of the undercarriage also mimics the full sized vehicle:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original later issue Type B box. With this box, one can make a guess of production around 1960:

I am definitely grateful to have this model in my collection. This is one of those castings where you can't have enough duplicates (I have another in the only paint variant, a more pale yellow), and the model is also fairly desirable. The silver wheel variant of this model, in a Type D box, is one of my "grails", and is also quite valuable (of course):

A few 1:1 images from conceptcarz.com:

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  • My favourite car ever. Off course I have many miniatures. A 1:1 real one will hopefully joining my fleet soon. A dead previous owner and French paperwork is not helping in this quest.

      1 year ago