[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox ERF Stake Truck


    Time again for an installment of Lesney Matchbox, today's featured vehicle is a real period piece. This is Matchbox 20a, the ERF stake truck. This casting entered the range in 1956, remaining until 1959, and is as good of an example of the metal wheel era as any:

    Nothing flashy to see here, just old fashioned charm - this yet another in the long line of commerical vehicles and heavy equipment usually featured in the first several years of Lesney products. Scale is likely somewhat small yet again - maybe around 1:70. Typical for Lesney models, this casting has laudable fine line casting detail, and proportion appears accurate. From all angles, this is a good representation of the somewhat soft or mellow early castings that had as much appeal then as now:

    Front and rear have similar nice detail, handpainted trim as per usual for the era, the slats of the bed being a nice touch:

    The basic base features maker data:

    This example is fortunate enough to live in its original immaculate smaller type B box, probably dating it to around 1957:

    I am happy to have this one in my collection. It is in as-new condition, coming from a one owner lot I picked up several years ago. Also note, this is the last Matchbox of the most recent batch of 10 - numbers 21-30 will be coming soon, I've recently moved and haven't snapped pics yet. I also have a new phone since then, and the camera doesn't seem as good as this ("flagship" phone with macro/close up issues, love it) , I hope the next batch will be as clear. Pictured with an old dime for scale:

    A similar 1:1 from flickr:

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