[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Ford Zodiac Convertible


Lesney Matchbox time is here again. Today we examine Matchbox 39a, the Ford Zodiac convertible. This casting entered the range in 1957, remaining until 1962. This model is another classic casting with no shortage of period charm:

This is a fun casting - one can see this convertible is based on the 33a Ford sedan/saloon I showed some time ago - noticed the casting lines for the rear doors are apparent - the top was removed, and the driver and interior were inserted. I estimate scale is to be perhaps around 1:65 or so, the same as the 33a basis model. From all angles, the presence of the driver and the 50s color scheme make this a memorable vehicle:

Front and rear show the detail as 33a, the hand-applied silver trim looking fresh after more than 60 years:

The base shows maker and model data, and shows off the pastel color of the base, several models of this era had non-black bases. One can also see the metal wheels:

This example is lucky enough to live in its crisp original type B2 box. With this box and wheel variant, the model dates from early in the production run, made in 1957 or early 1958:

I am happy to have this model in my collection, as this is another in close to time warp condition and it is another one of those popular models that are needed to have a really representative collection of early Lesney Matchbox cars. Pictured with an old dime for scale:

A 1:1 of a similar Zodiac from pinterest:

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