[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Scammell Breakdown Truck

Lesney Matchbox time is here again

1y ago

Today we examine Matchbox 64a, the Scammel Breakdown Truck. This casting entered the range in 1959, remaining until 1966, and is another remarkably precise Lesney model:

My latest Matchbox reviews are focused on the upper range of the 1-75 series, this set of reviews being number 60 and later. In the late 50s, Lesney released a number of military castings (possibly to compete with Dinky), and most of them were in this series number range. Although many find these military models somewhat dull, Matchbox made some of them an excercise in casting quality. These models were phased out by the mid 60s and never really replaced, likely because customers wanted flashier castings. This model is an example of the casting excellence seldom approached by modern small scale castings. Detail and proportion are exemplary, fine line casting detail is everywhere, and the model is of considerable mass while having delicate details at the same time. The tow hook adds play value. Scale is hard to estimate, but I can't imagine it is larger than 1:65 or so - even though this isn't a small casting, it definitely isn't a small real world vehicle. From all angles, one can see how this occupies the space between toy and scale model:

Front and rear have similar quality detail:

The base is basic, the style of the time, and contains identifying data:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original Type D box. With this box, one can make a guess of production around 1964:

I am pleased to have this model in my collection. Although I don't primarily collect military or heavy trucks, this is an excellent casting:

A 1:1 from wikimedia:

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Comments (3)

  • This is one of my favorite Lesney Matchbox. Took me a while to find it at a good price but this one looks like it came from the store. Those wheels look shiny. I agree with you on Matchbox competing with Dinky as I also have the Dinky version (you may remember me posting this in Kinja) and most likely kids who can't afford the Dinky price can get the Matchbox at a lower price. I love vintage looking tow trucks. For this scale I'm going to guess it may be near HO or smaller.

      1 year ago
    • That's a good way to look at these. They cost 39-49 cents when a Dinky was probably $2-3. You could get 4 or 5 of these for the price of one Dinky, which probably appealed to kids (and it worked). I suspect you are right about the scale, too. This is...

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        1 year ago
  • Excellent! Now I must amend my wants list, this is so cool. I'm pretty sure I've never seen this casting. Thanks.

      1 year ago