[REVIEW] Lesney Matchbox Vauxhall Cresta

twotwo on the 22nd

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Lesney Matchbox time has returned, today we look at something not seen often yet - a passenger car. This is Matchbox 22a, the Vauxhall Cresta. This casting entered the range in 1956, with a short run in the range until 1958, when it was replaced by a newer style Vauxhall PA Cresta, now a popular and desirable casting. This one shows as much period Matchbox charm as possible:

This one also has some historical significance, as it is the second passenger car to enter the Matchbox line, the first closed passenger car, and the first sedan/saloon. This casting features the mellow detail and paint (I probably should have used a different background color for more contrast - too late now!) expected of the early years of the 1-75 series, and is the style of the time by being a simple hollow casting - luxuries such as glazing, interior, etc were years away. This car is probably close to the scale of a modern ~1:60 model. From all angles, this is an excellent representation of the evolutionary state of Matchbox models in 1956:

Front and rear have similarly good detail, and again show the handpainted trim, a trait of the period:

The basic base, typical of these early models, features simple maker data, and shows the metal wheels, the only type offered on this casting:

This example is fortunate enough to live in its original crisp type B2 box, probably dating it to around 1957:

Something else historically significant, this is also the first appearance of a tow hook on a Matchbox passenger car. The 23a Berkley Cavalier caravan appears to have been made for this model (more on that casting soon):

No surprise, I am happy to have this one in my collection. It is another from the one owner time warp boxed collection I found several years ago, and is a sweet little car. Pictured with an old dime for scale:

A similar 1:1 from tfleurdelyscvs.org and a virtually identical Velox from the source on the image:

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