Review of my Renaut Clio 4 RS Trophy

It does what its meant to do and it does it really well and what its meant to do is to be a rocket in a small package.

I won't bother you with numbers and facts because let's be honest there are other articles and videos that do that part much much better. Where to begin then? Well let's start with the obvious, the exterior. Its a hot hatch so its not a big car but its not a small one either. Some would as the question: is it practical then? Thats like asking if a hovercraft is practical. If you need to cross a river then yes, if you need to go for groceries then no. It does what its meant to do and it does it really well, what it's meant to do is to be a rocket in a small package. So if you want a rocket then yes it's practical but if you want a holder for stuff then no it's not that practical.

The looks: When i think about hot hatches i think about things like wheel arches, big spoilers, skirts and loud exausts. It doesn't really have any of those. Only thing that clearly says "i'm not an ordinary Clio is the back, those twin exaust pipes and the diffuser. As it is with the most of hot hatches in recent years the madness is missing. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It gives you an option to make it the way you like it by customizing it. Unfortunately, for me, those options are very limited.

Inside of the car i think is very nice. Leather seats are comfortable, they hug me nicely even when driving enthusiastically. Steering wheel feels nice thanks to the soft leather. I love those red seatbelts and the red stitching. There are some things i wonder what they were thinking like why is cruse control button next to the bottom of the seat? It takes a few tries to find it if you don't want to take your eyes off the road. There is an empty slot next to the start/stop button on the dash but no, it seams like they didn't think you will need cruse control.

How it feels: How the car feels, or rather how it makes you feel, is maybe more important than how it looks och how the stats look on the paper. I'm going to try to describe the feeling i get from this car. Well it's 3 feelings because it has 3 driving modes: normal, sport and race. The feeling i get in normal mode is like the car is restricted, it does not like to be driven slowly. It hops gently like it's daring you to drive faster. In sport mode it feels happier, like it got out of a 4 hour budget meeting(sorry if you like those). In the race mode the car is a beast, the acceleration, the noise, those DSG farts, love it. I would recommend to drive in this mode unless you are on track or have F1 driver reflexes. Things were coming at me at warp speed. I'm kind of scared of race mode now. The steering is fenomenal, it's sharp and responsive. The car has a lot of grip and it makes it easy to feel confident.

The cars i drove and hearing from the car community, recurring thing is that "sport button" makes the car more responsive, more sporty. That's the feeling i don't get in this car. I get the feeling that the "normal" mode isn't this cars normal mode, it's the race mode. What Renault has done is to do an opposite from the others. Instead of making a car that is like a normal car but have the capability to a bit faster, they made a car that has the capability to go slower. Essentially they disguised a rocket as a hot hatch.

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