- One of the greatest in F1 ... recreated in 1/55 scale.

Review: Polistil 1/55 Ferrari 312 T2

One of the greatest cars in F1 ... recreated in 1/55 scale.

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In 1975 Niki Lauda won his first Formula 1 world championship, and it was in this car. Well, no not this one, he won't fit in it, but the car this is modeled after: The Ferrari 312 T2. I will be reviewing it and telling you the Pros and Cons. You might have already seen my other post, where this car was first featured.


The car is in 1/55, which means it is actually bigger than the usual matchbox 1/64 scale cars, and usually, the bigger it is, the better detail it has. The car actually has a lot of tiny details, but the problem is most of them are red. While this is not a good mark for detail, you need to remember this car was made in the '70s. The body is done amazingly, just like the real Ferrari. The only bad thing about it is the lack of white on the side.

The little details.

The little details.

The front and rear wings both have stickers to give them the silver color and Agip and Goodyear sponsors. The wheels are plastic, but they have no rims. It has 3 number 11's, indicating Niki Lauda was the one that drove this model. The interior has no detail at all, but this is a racing car, who cares about the interior? In the rear, the exhaust pipes are done really nicely. The twist and curve and twirl before straitening out into 2 groups of 2, a total of 4 pipes. The '70s were big on smoking, so it only made sense for the car to have 4 pipes to smoke on, right?




The car has a metal body and a plastic floor. It is pretty durable, but I would recommend trying to keep this car in great condition by keeping it in the box (most of the time). Especially since my father is quite fond of it. The car rolls really well, it does not squeak or make any weird sounds. It has a box that is made from cardboard, which is a bit worn due to age.


Well, on the box it says $1.25, but it has gone up in price. Now it is $30 for a good condition one on e-bay (that's what, 2,400% return? Not bad. Take that Apple!). And I don't think they still make these, because Polistil has gone bankrupt. Don't you wish they still existed?

I give this car a Five star, it is really amazing. Want one?


Stayed tuned for more diecast car reviews!

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