[REVIEW] Tomica Honda Vamos


We return to another Tomica Time, Land of the Rising Sun-day. Today we take a look at Tomica 55-1, the Honda Vamos. This casting entered the range in September 1972, remaining until February 1977, and is quite an unusual little rig:

I suppose one could call this an ancestor of the recent trend of "side by side" off-road rigs. The Vamos was a quirky utility vehicle that was apparently road-legal at least in some areas - I can't say that I have ever seen one before in person. One can see this casting contains respectably accurate fine line casting detail and good proportion. This model features crisp glazing and springy suspension, but nothing opens. Scale is claimed to be 1:54, slightly larger than typical small scale probably to make it seem at home in a standard box. From all angles, one probably won't mistake it for anything else:

Front and rear show the quality detail, this is definitely a vehicle with a face, and there are cast-in emblems all around:

The base is plastic, which allows for considerable identifying and technical detail, including the make and model in correct font:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box:

I'm happy to have this one in my collection, it's a fun little vehicle:

A period promo sheet showing various 1:1 configurations from superstreetonline.com:

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