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Tomica time is back again on this Land of the Rising Sun-day. Today we take a look at Tomica 80-1, the Mazda Savanna GT. This casting entered the range in August 1973 remaining until January 1978, and represents Tomica entering something of a golden age for the brand:

The car is interesting in itself, too. Mazda went way out into left field and decided to embrace rotary engine design, and this car was one of the more widely marketed offerings, also sold in NA as the RX3. These rotary cars were technically interesting, but had plenty of quirks, including being thirsty for both gasoline and oil. This model shows ample fine line casting detail, with cast-in badges at rear being a nice touch, and proportion appears accurare Scale is claimed to be 1:59, likely accurate, and close to the 1:64 standard. This model features the springy suspension, crisp glazing (side windows as well as front and rear, something Tomica included from the mid 70s onward - early castings only had glazing at front and rear), and snappy door action we all enjoy from Tomica models. One may notice this model sits on "old wheels", which I think were the norm until around 1976. From all angles, one can imagine this yellow car on a highway with other yellow, orange, red, green, brown, and similar color cars of the era:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear have similar quality detail, with the chromed front grille (note the shape of the front emblem) and rear fascia being nice touches:

The underside, cast in metal for detail and heft, contains technical and identifying data:

This model is fortunate enough to live in its original black box:

I'm happy to have this casting in my collection, as I like the real world car. This model is somewhat desirable in Tomica circles, I think, and the 1:1 is a very desirable car today:

A 1:1 from shannons.com.au:

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  • THe RX-3. Classic Mazda Rotary. So here's my question. Which is the best RX model in the lineup? 3, 7 or 8?

      1 month ago
    • Most would probably say the RX-7 is a classic, especially in its pure early form or in the popular 90s style. and both are sports cars. However, I like the quirky RX3 especially in wagon form, the "Rotary Wagon" badges were pretty good:

        1 month ago