[REVIEW] Tomica Mitsubishi Colt F2000

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Tomica time, Land of the Rising Sun-day is here again, and this brand is as "Land of the Rising Sun" as they come. Today we take a look at Tomica 51-1, the Mitsubishi Colt F2000. This casting entered the range in November 1972, remaining until September 1979, and is a vehicle not very well known today:

Most probably don't know of this Mitsubishi open wheel racing car, which apparently saw some success in the early 70s. I suspect there aren't many models of this vehicle. Typical for old Tomica, this casting features accurate detail and proportion. There is only a small strip of crisp glazing, no snappy door action due to lack of doors, and the suspension is firm, because race car. Scale is claimed to be 1:50, slightly larger than the usual small scale due to the real vehicle being small, and making it look right in a standard box. From all angles, once can imagine this zooming around the track:

Front and rear show off the open wheels and cockpit detail, and the rear engine detail is a nice touch:

The base is metal, which adds heft and contains identifying data:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box, and still has the original intact decal sheet:

I'm happy to have this one in my collection. I have a couple of these - I usually don't collect racing cars, but at least at one time, these could be found for a low price, which makes a black box model hard to resist:

A 1:1 from wikimedia commons:

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  • I love the wheels. Pretty realistic for their regular model. They should create more variety than just the button and race wheels. In fact bring back those sold styles.

      1 month ago