[REVIEW] Tomica Mitsubishi Pajero

Land of the Rising Sun-day

1y ago

Tomica time, Land of the Rising Sun-day, is here again. Today we go off-road, and examine Tomica 69-4, the Mitsubishi Pajero. This casting entered the range in December 1982, and is very 80s in this attractive livery:

I'll get it out of the way, once again I chose a white background for a mostly white vehicle. Fortunately, this model has enough color to make it stand out. I am actually somewhat lazy, once I take pics they are here to stay. I am sure nobody will mind.

On to the model. I reviewed a different variant of this casting on Kinja LaLD some time ago:


This variant is much less common. The basis model is the same nice Pajero casting. This era was coming off a high point for Tomica quality, which is shown in this model with nice fine line detail and accurate proportion. Scale is claimed to be 1:60, likely accurate. Like most Tomica of this era, this model features the crisp glazing, snappy door action, and springy suspension we all enjoy. The RalliArt livery on this example really makes it stand out. Tomica issued several competition style tampo variants of this model, some quite rare and expensive. Variants with Nikon tampos extending to the side windows are especially cool to my eyes, but very hard to find, and beyond what I'd ever want to spend. From all angles, one can imagine this jumping some dunes or in a forest rally stage, or for this one, maybe in a snowy rally stage:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear have similar detail, with the front clip/grille area being unplated to match the real world competition vehicles, and the cast-in spare with wheel design matching the wheels on the vehicle being nice touches:

The base is plastic, a trend of the time, and contains ample technical and identifying detail:

This example is fortunate enough to live in an original black box:

I am definitely happy to have this variant in my collection. I was seeking one of the colorful tampo variants, and this one, being less complex than some others (others have tampos on the hood etc), came up at what seemed like a fair price. Mitsubishi was cool:

And a 1:1 in the Nikon livery from japanesenostalgiccar.com:

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Comments (4)

  • I want one so bad. Which reminds me, I actually found one quite some time back, by sheer accident, while digging our backyard! The culprit was probably my little self, and surprisingly the car was quite intact, except for a broken A - pillar and missing doors. Sadly there were no cameras in my possession at the time, and I lost it once again. :/

      1 year ago
  • Oh these Rally variants are so expensive now! Wonderful model.

      1 year ago
  • Love this one! Such an awesome vehicle. As always, your collection is stellar :)

      1 year ago
  • This is such a cool piece

      1 year ago