[REVIEW] Tomica Mitsubishi Starion 2000 Turbo Group A:

Group A

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Tomica time, Land of the Rising Sun-day, is here again, and this installment features something that definitely fits the theme. Today we examine Tomica 48-4, the Mitsubishi Starion 2000 Turbo in Group A racing livery. This casting entered the range in December 1982, remaining until October 1989, and couldn't be more 80s:

The Starion was a cool looking Mitsubishi (also sold as a Chrysler Conquest in NA) sports car in production for most of the 80s. This casting is mostly seen in non-racing liveries. There were also a few rare variants, and this is one, based on a period Group A racing car, and was made in 1986. The tampos on this Group A themed model are of the highest quality, and mimic the real car. As we expect from vintage Tomica, this model features a high level of accurate detail, and good proportion. Also as expected, this model features springy suspension, crisp glazing, and the snappy door action we all enjoy. Scale is claimed to be 1:62, likely accurate. From all angles, this is an amazing looking model that looks right on the wide racing style wheels:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel - Tomica interiors hit their peak in the 80s:

Front and rear also show the detail one expects from Tomica of this era, with the rear light bar being a nice touch:

The base is plastic, typical of this era, and contains ample technical detail and identifyings data:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box:

I'm very lucky to have this one in my collection. I got it some time ago from a collector who was downsizing - this is a rare piece, and when he had it in his sell pile, I couldn't say no:

A 1:1 from ultimatecarpage.com, one can see this model is based on a real Group A car from the era:

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  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man! I am so jelly. This car is so high on my want list. Nice examples sell on the 'bay for bonkers prices. Too rich for my blood. But I keep hunting just in case. I'm more partial to the stock colorway (the one on the box itself). Overall this is an amazing car and the one in your collection is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

      23 days ago
    • I was really lucky to find this, at a not-insane price. I also have the casting in a couple other liveries (I've shown them in the past) - one like the box, another in pearl white with a nice tampo. It's a great casting of a cool car. I think the...

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        23 days ago
  • It will forever be a Conquest in my mind

      19 days ago