[REVIEW] Tomica Nissan Bluebird 2000G6-EL

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6w ago

Tomica time has returned, always fitting Land of the Rising Sun-day. Today we take a look at Tomica 75-3, the Nissan Bluebird 2000G6-EL. This casting entered the range in January 1978, remaining until September 1980, and is a good representation of the high quality of Tomica products of the era:

The 70s into the 80s were a high point for Tomica quality, and this vehicle has it in ample quantity. Proportion appears accurate, and there is ample fine line casting detail, including the Tomica hallmark of finely cast nameplate badges. Scale is claimed to be 1:64, likely accurate. This model features the springy suspension and crisp glazing, and snappy door action we enjoy from vintage Tomica. From all angles, one can see this is a nice casting:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear have similarly nice detail, with the realistic chrome front grille/lights piece as usual for the era catching one's eye:

The underside contains technical detail and vehicle data:

This model is fortunate enough to live in its original black box:

I'm pleased to have this casting in my collection, this is another one where I like the real world vehicle (sold in the USDM as the Datsun 810, my uncle had a wagon version when I was a kid, very rare car now), so I can appreciate the scale model:

A 1:1 US promo sheet from motorauthority.com, US ad from classiccarcatalogue.com and a JDM 1:1 from wheelsage.org:

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  • I like the Datsun 810. Now I'm tempted to get this diecast and convert it.

      1 month ago