[REVIEW] Tomica Nissan Bluebird U 2000GT-X

Tomica the 18th

Land of the Rising Sun-day, Tomica Time, is here again. Today we examine Tomica 18-2 (we are still going in order, and I don't have an 18-1, which is a Honda 360 minitruck with a canvas canopy), the Nissan Bluebird U 2000GTX. This casting entered the range in October 1974, remained until until November 1977, and is a nice example of a sporty upmarket 70s Japanese hardtop coupe:

The Japanese car industry advanced significantly during the 1970s, and started offering a wider lineup, including larger and higher equipped cars. As sometimes sporty personal luxury coupes were big in the 70s, Japanese variants also entered the market. There were a number of different hardtop coupes by Japanese makers during this era, some of them quite nice looking, all of them becoming more collectible every day. Scale on this model is claimed to be 1:62, likely accurate. Detail and proportion are as fine as expected from this maker, with plenty of fine line casting detail, the model badges on the rear fenders being a nice touch, something Tomica perfected during this era. This casting features the crisp glazing, snappy door action, and springy suspension we all like from Tomica of this vintage. From all angles, one can imagine how a car like this was a big step up from most Japanese cars a mere decade earlier:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear feature similarly fine detail, with an inset grille at front, badges on the trunklid, and model names in the license plate area adding realism:

The base is metal, typical for the era, and features technical and identifying data:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box:

I am pleased to have this model in my collection. I like the Japanese hardtops of this era, cars I thought were just a little too weird when I was a kid (and they were just unwanted used cars then) are now desirable today. This casting doesn't appear to be especially rare, the price was right, so I had to snap it up:

Some 1:1 images from wheelsage.org and imcdb.org - the last showing this style in USDM Datsun 610 trim (only available with a 4cyl engine, I believe):

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