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40w ago

Tomica time is upon us again, also known as Land of the Rising Sun-day, Today we examine Tomica 22-1, the Nissan R-382. This casting entered the range in July 1971, and enjoyed a long run, being in the lineup until September 1980. This is something fairly obscure:

This is a model of a car seldom-seen, a Nissan V12 (!) racing car that debuted in 1969. I suspect Tomica could be the only maker to produce a casting of this vehicle, no others come to mind anyway. This casting, due to vehicle type, lacks the snappy door action we've come to expect from vintage Tomica, but it does have a little crisp glazing, and the often-admired springy suspension. The nicely cast engine compensates for the lack of traditional features Scale is claimed to be 1:59, likely accurate. This model sits on what I call "racing" wheels which really suit period competition cars, Tomica got it right with those. From all angles, this is ready to zoom around the track:

Front and rear feature expected good detail:

The base is metal, like virtually all of these early run models, and contains technical and identifying detail:

This model is fortunate enough to live in its original black box:

I am happy to have this one in my collection. It is a model of a lesser-known vehicle, and these old racing cars tend to be much less expensive than normal street cars:

And a 1:1 image from a DriveTribe article:

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Comments (4)

  • A rare collection!

      9 months ago
  • Another never seen/never knew about casting. Gorgeous!

      9 months ago
  • Never heard of this one!

      9 months ago
  • Can-Am: nothing could handle its power, not even itself. What a model.

      9 months ago