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Tomica time is upon us again, Land of the Rising Sun-day, and if the prior car was a heavy dose of JDM, this takes it to another level. This is Tomica 21-1, the Nissan Skyline 2000GT. This casting entered the range in May 1971, and remained until November 1975. As one can see, this is a lovely model of an iconic car:

This car could be considered somthing of a legend, the car from which the GT-R was born, this is the “Hakosuka”. This model dates from the early days of Tomica, but the quality attention to detail was already there - one can see the fine casting lines, cast-in nameplate script on front fenders, and excellent proportions. The door action on these early cars is not as snappy as later models, but is still precise, and this model features the crisp glazing and springy suspension we admire from vintage Tomica. Scale is claimed to be 1:62, likely accurate. I believe this model was only made with “old wheels”, as production predates what I recall regarding button wheel production. The model which replaced this, a racing Hakosuka Skyline, had flared fenders and other mods, and I believe the original casting for this model was modified and lost via the replacement. From all angles, this is a top notch model:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:

Front and rear feature similarly high quality detail:

The base is metal, which as far as I know was the case for all of of these earlier run models, and contains technical and identifying detail:

This model is lucky enough to live in its virtually pristine original black box:

I am quite thankful to have this little jewel in my collection. It is not the easiest one to find, and one must be patient to find it as a relatively reasonable price (and it will still be expensive). It really has the look:

And a 1:1 image from nissan-global.com, really hard to find these cars remotely close to stock these days, this is a good representation:

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