- James is fizzing with anticipation (Photo: James May's Unemployment Tube)

Reviewed - James May Unboxes a Yaris GRMN

And fails to say anything negative about the Nurburgring, yes, really.

2y ago

Remember when James May was temporarily unemployed and he did a bit of cooking on his You Tube channel 'Unemployment Tube' then followed it up when in gainful employent on The Grand Tour with some unboxing?

Well today he has taken unboxing to the next level and uploaded a video of him unboxing a full size Toyota Yaris.

James points at a cardboard box

James points at a cardboard box

Not just any Yaris but the sporty Yaris GRMN which stands for ‘Gazoo Racing Meisters of Nürburgring’. ‘Gazoo Racing’ was founded by Toyota's de facto factory motorsport and tuning arm last year when it returned to the World Rally Championship. Gazoo Racing will be turning out performance tuned Toyota models under the GRMN badge.

Oh the excitement

Oh the excitement

We all know James likes to say the Nurburgring is bad for car development, but he doesn't bring that up during the unboxing, probably because he's breathless with excitement and trying to deal with a bit of indigestion.

Yes, it did what it said on the box

Yes, it did what it said on the box

As this is James May he unboxes the car slowly and properly, even down to the interior packaging after a bit of a look for the key. Full marks for enthusiasm.

I won't spoil the joy that is James May opening a very large box for you any more, you can watch the full video below. I laughed a lot, see what you think.

Let me know what you think of James' epic film in the comments below. I give it 10/10 for presenter enthusiasm and comedy, 8/10 for car content and 9/10 for Mr May's wardrobe, including a close brush with a wardrobe malfunction, giving it an over all 9/10 on the Bloody Norah scale..

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  • When i saw the still you put at the top of the story in the video, I nearly fell out of my chair. What an expression!

      2 years ago