Can a lexus stir the senses?

4y ago

Think Lexus and what do you think? Reliable, comfortable, quality cars. You know what you’re getting with a Lexus. A car that will look good, is incredibly well made and has an abundance of the latest driver technology. Will a Lexus stir the senses? No so much. Then, that wasn’t the rationale behind the creation of the Lexus brand.

However, times they are a changin’. Lexus has decided that its time the range received a little bit of the zing that the incredible LFA had in abundance. That model showed that not only could Lexus nail the high quality, premium sector; they also had a little touch of supercar in the DNA as well.

This has permeated its way through the model line-up and is clearly evident in the makeup of the GS-F. This is a GS, but no ordinary GS. F is for FAST. I didn’t know what I was getting into when Lexus Belfast passed me the keys. Well, I say keys, but you can actually use an app to unlock and start the car. But back to the main event – the GS range is Lexus’ largest saloon available and when the “–F” gets added to the name, it becomes insane.

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