Reviewed: R&G Crash protection

46w ago


At the beginning of this year when Suzuki gladly loaned me their GSX-R1000R I knew one thing, not to damage it!

A quick call to the lovely lot at R&G saw a box of their aero protectors and a rad protector for the mighty Gixer.

At £16,400 and God knows how much for replacement panels, I knew R&G were the go-to guys to protect the panels in the event of a drop.

The good part is there's not drilling or holing of panels required, which in the past was sometimes a requirement.

The radiator guard may look like a simple bit of chicken wire, but it's effective and cheaper than £400 for a new radiator!

The radiator guard may look simple enough, but at best a holed radiator will cost you £400 to replace on this bike, and at worst spill coolant onto your tyres and cause you to crash.

no panels need trimming for these R&G protectors

Thankfully I haven't needed to use them, but it's reassuring to know they're there, as even a minor drop can end up costing hundreds if not thousands in new panels.

The engine cases are also a complete doddle to fit, so much so that I even managed it without adult supervision!

If they're good enough for the BSB boys who crash every weekend, they must be worth using!

Prices: Aero protectors - £191.66 ex vat

Radiator guard - £99.99 ex vat

Engine case covers - £66.66 (per side) ex vat

Visit www.rg-racing.com for more information

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