- Y​ou have the mother of all automotive issues, he is the uncle of all agonies

R​eviewed: your problems

7w ago


I​n a radical move that has surprised no-one at all, DriveTribe has secured the services of Dr James May as an automotive 'agony uncle', whatever the bloody hell that means.

H​ere's how it works. You post your problems here, we make a short video of me answering the best ones. Please try to keep it interesting and at least vaguely relevant to cars or motorcycles, and be aware that fatuous questions stand a much better chance of making it through the ruthless filter of our editorial panel.

S​o if your post begins something like 'I'm thinking of replacing my six-year-old diesel Golf…' it will go straight into whatever the digital equivalent of a waste-paper basket is.

P​lease post your questions by 0900 hrs GMT on Wednesday. I would have given you a bit longer but I've been a bit slack about this.