Reviewing the USED: Jaguar XJ6 (1996)

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So this is the moment where I shall talk about the Jaaag. Right, I think I can do this. Let's see… First, some figures:

Year of purchase: 2013; Price considering several insurance benefits after purchase: 0; Longest time I've spent in the Jag whithout leaving it: 13h; Total amount of nights I've spent in the Jag: ~5; Times we went down to the car park in the middle of the night, to just sit in it: 2

You see, it's a yet quite short but intense relationship, and I have to say, the first time I saw it, I hated it.

My husband was in the need of a car and had just chosen to take this very Jaguar home with us. There it was, with all its ugliness and the shape and colour of a car, I thought, would only be driven by people with briefcases and ties that are too long. It was the ugliest blue/beige combination I'd ever seen and I thought it just can't be our new family member. No way.

The first time, I saw it, I hated it.

Me - in a moment of ignorance

And when I think back to the day we took it home, I now know, that all my feelings of dislike were already bearing a small amount of envy.

But before I learned about my true feelings, I only saw this, if I looked at the Jag: A LPG powered straight-six engine attached to a car that every once in a while, in moments you don't expect it, comes up with suggestions of directions to go, instead of just going straigt. A powerful boat propelled through rough sea. And that was just the beginning. Who doesn't like to get served a big *klonk* from the rear suspension with every pothole you encounter? Or a funny noise from the front wheel bearings, that gives you the suggestion of a secret bird cage installed somewhere in the wheel arch, obviously with a rare singing bird in it. I don't need to mention the disintegrating roof lining, do I? Oh, and sometimes it stalled at idle.

But none of this was relavant anymore, the day we painted it olive green and attached the ID lable of an actual spitfire to the sides.

​And this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Favourite car. Favourite bar. Happy.

Favourite car. Favourite bar. Happy.

It even got a piece of Cologne street art attached.

It even got a piece of Cologne street art attached.

I really would love to say, that no matter how many issues the Jag had, it never let us down. But, in a moment of great urgency (I was sick at work and needed a lift home), the Jag did't make it back on it's own wheels because of a suicidal wheel bearing. Thank goodness, the front seats are as comfortable as an improvised bed can be. Could have been worse.

However, after some serious mending, tinkering, guessing and trying, we obtained a car that can go in a straigt line without asking questions, despite a slighlty wonky steering and can keep it's engine running, almost everytime you need it to do so. Every noisy bit was replaced and the roof lining is now a camouflage net, stapled to the roof.

​​It still has a tiny boot, an excessive turning circle and can only accommodate people on the back seats that leave their legs at home. But it has become a beloved companion. A slightly difficult, little bit daft, but pretty cool companion. And it's a Jaaag.

A slightly difficult, little bit daft, but pretty cool companion.

ME - in a brighter moment

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  • Madam, that is one unique four wheeled friend and a cracking story. I particularly like the Spitfire ID, although I am going to have to ensure that Mrs Chronos doesn't see it or we'll end up with a Lancaster call-sign on the side of ours. Guess who will be made to sit in the boot making machine gun noises?

      2 years ago
    • So you're the tail gunner in the family! Haha. If it happens, please send pictures.

        2 years ago
  • Loved your review! And love the Jaaaag. Promoted to the Best of Classics :)

      2 years ago
  • Very good read about a very different car.......well done

      2 years ago
  • Now, this bodystyle Jaaag is one of my favorite sedan styles of all time. My dad had a ‘99 XJR , and I dream of someday owning an XJ12.

    That said, love what you’ve done with it! Definitely different.

      2 years ago
  • HAHAHA! This was so fun to read. Loved it. Also, cool photos. How did you get those “leaves” to stick to your car’s roof? That’s such a good idea! Love the bumper sticker. 😂

      2 years ago
    • Makes me so happy to hear that I can entertain you a bit. 😉 The camouflage netting is just attached to the roof with staples/tacker (however you call it). Every other way of repairing it was ugly or impossible. The car changes every now and...

      Read more
        2 years ago
    • So that's what it's called! Camouflage netting. Thank you.

        2 years ago