Reviving an Old Dump Truck A 1967 Chevrolet C50

1w ago


To recap, My cousin Jesse and I dragged this ole Chevrolet C50 back to the shop around two years ago.

After we rescued it from being neglected behind a shop. It was safely tucked away behind Jesse's shop, where it was neglected.

But now we decided to no longer let it linger. Since Jesse is kind enough to let the dune buggy take up space in his shop, I eagerly assist him in any projects that he has going.

After we managed to get the truck behind the shop two years ago, it would lose spark intermittently. This made it very difficult to start and eventually just gave up the ghost all together. We knew it was probably in need of a full ignition overhaul.

As we grow older and life gets in the way, we were finally able to find a day to get it all sorted this past October.

As we went through the ignition system, we found a few surprises. Continue on to the video below to see for yourselves...

~ Stay Ambitious

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