Reviving simple joys of the sixties !

Sometimes it doesn’t takes much to time travel and simply enjoy true racing inspired sensations as you’d have lived as a petrolhead in the 1960’s

A 85hp glorious BMW 1600 with 165 wide tires all round, no seatbelt and a tiny bumpy back road


Today’s standard for sensations requires massive powertrains, launch control, active exhaust, drift mode or whatever technology needs to create to compensate for the too heavy, too safe and characterless vehicles that today’s production norms results. Here it just took us a 85hp glorious BMW 1600 from 1967 with 165 wide tires all round and no seatbelt, a tiny and bumpy back road and a touch of bravery. Here was an Asphalt Heritage campaign for true, honest and unaltered driving pleasure.

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Comments (2)

  • The design of these are just timeless. I'm currently struggling with temptation as there are two 2002s for sale in my town, one has twin Weber DCOEs and the other is a Tii.

      4 years ago
  • What sort of fog lights are those?

      4 years ago