Rex to Nice 2018 day1

Rusty Rex Rallies 2018. A 4 day adventure banger rally around Europe finishing in the south of France.

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It was to be an early start for Rex to Nice, 8am meet at the Reims-Gueux just out side the centre of Reims. This is the old Grand Prix road circuit that runs through the champagne vineyards of Reims.

7 o'clock waking up in the hotel, I say waking up, more just getting out of bed after a night of snoring from the team. Still a quick shower then to wake up Kieren and Pete. Pete jumped in to life and started getting ready for the day ahead. Kieren stood up after a few minutes declared himself ready, this was due to sleeping full dressed even down to his trainers! (savage).

10 minute drive to the morning meet. We arrive to find some teams already there. As I prepare for the driving brief and wait for other teams to show, we had time to appreciate the work gone into the Riems-Gueux. A local team of volunteers had spent a lot time restoring this pit line straight to help keep the memory alive and it's magnificent.

Time for the Rusty Rex Driving brief, apart from the two Rusty side kicks looking board/hungover it went well with all teams excited about the start. Each day teams are set challenges, each day being different. These are handed out as teams are sent off on their way.

So heading down through France Destination Switzerland, McDonald's stop for lunch just before crossing the boarder into Neuchatel, the swiss watch valley on the edge of lake Neuchatel.

Mean while in team Yaris !!!

Next stop would be the overnight in Interlaken, but not before taking the coast road around lake Thun!

Lake Thun Coast Road

Lake Thun Coast Road

Dinner that evening was by appointment of the Hooters girls Interlaken. This was the evening meet, most of the teams turning up from 7pm. This gave plenty of time for marking of challenges and catching up on stories from the ralliers.

After a very full and successful day, points on the score board and a few night caps then another midnight kebab for Kieren day1 one was done!

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