- Top of the Stelvio pass for the Rusty Rex BMW 320d

Rex to Nice 2018 Day2

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Waking up in Interlaken after last night's meet at Hooters the Rusty Rex team seemed reluctant to get started. So I was on my own for the short walk to pick up the BMW 320d.

Coast road around lake Thun Interlaken end.

As I turned the corner I'm greeted by one of the paddle steamers docking at Train station west and the topical Swiss watch shops and bars of the high street. I smile to myself as I get in to the car noticing the first of the par-senders of the day landing in the park. Still, No time to stand still, that's not the nature of a banger rally. So back to the digs see if the rest of the team have emerged?

On arrival I find the usual sarcasm banter coupled with grumpy tiredness. Excellent!

This morning start was just around the corner at the back of the casino on the aqua-blue river which joins the two lakes of Interlaken. After the driving brief we send the teams off on there way. Today we cross Switzerland West to East and into Italy via the Stelvio Pass.

A Big Day.. But first it has to start, getting the team to leave Interlaken proved difficult. Kieren insisting we stopped so he could purchase a man bag! Then Pete wanted coffee. So after what seemed like an hour of me trying to hover around in the BMW and getting told off by various people most of which were police we set off.

After a short drive, one lake and two famous mountain passes we pick up the mountain road that runs parallel with the Glaser Express from Andermatt to St Moritz. But half way there's a need for yet another Kebab, (kebab shop corner). A great little cafe that provides good food with stunning views.

Lunch Kebab with a view.

Once feeding time was over we said our goodbyes to another 6 teams who stopped for lunch and headed off towards Chur and on through Cunter. This took us over another 2 or 3 passes to arrive in St Moritz. We pause here for an ice-cream by silvaplana and decide which of the three options we were going to take into Bormio, Italy.

Like the sign says.

First option straight there heading through livingo, Second over the Stelvio pass, Third takes first 2 options as well as the Munt la Schera tunnel.

Munt La Schera Tunnel 3.5km long 3.5m wide

Pete "Mr organised" voted for option 1, get to evening venue asap, Kieren option 2 as it had been some time since he'd drove the Stelvio, Me well I was driving so said nothing and took option 3.

Great drive along side Lake Livigno and through the tunnel.

After much debate it was Kieren who was in the driving seat for the Stelvio. And even with Kieren's enthusiastic driving we still managed to stop at the top!

And what a sight, this never fails to impress 2757 m, not the highest on Rex to Nice but Wow.

So a quick drop down from the pass will get us to the next over night stop in Bormio.

Evening venue is a very nice garden party and barbecue in the 5* spa hotel opposite the down hill ski slopes of Bormio.

Cheers from the garden party.


BRAKES.. Cooling off the brakes on the way down.

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