Rezvani challenges Tesla Cybertruck to a shoot-out – literally

Quake in fear, Elon Musk!

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If there's one thing that even people who aren't car enthusiasts will know about the current social media climate, it's that the Cybertruck memes are piling up nicely.

Elon Musk's not exactly helped things himself, being the one who uploaded the wildly debunked video of the Cybertruck prototype towing what's thought to be a base model V6 RWD Ford F-150 up a hill with what seems to be the greatest of ease. He also seems perfectly happy to give extra traffic to anything online that is aggressively pro-Cybertruck.

With this in mind, it's not really that surprising that other people in the automotive industry might want to challenge the Tesla chief. Ford's Sunny Madra has already taken a few passive-aggressive swipes, but Ferris Rezvani, CEO of Rezvani Motors, has laid down a real challenge to the Musk.

As you'll no doubt be aware, one of the big features of the Cybertruck's unveiling was Elon Musk claiming its the "bulletproof" capabilities. Rezvani is ready, willing and able to test these claims, something which he set forth in a very bizarre press release (which I have edited because the spelling and grammar gets pretty atrocious at points!).

"Rezvani Motors challenges Tesla to a ballistics test to verify their ballistics claims," the CEO spouts in his nothing less than brilliant promo delivered via the medium of e-mail. He claims that "the $70,000 AWD Tesla truck tug-of-war with a $30,000 light duty 2WD Ford F150... raises more questions in Tesla's claims than just its tow capacity... Tesla, bring your balls and we’ll bring our AK. Let’s do a real ballistics test; heck we’re in for the tug of war challenge too. The Tesla truck is the worst professionally designed car of all time and we will fix at no cost."

Those are some fighting words indeed, Mr Rezvani.

Ferris Rezvani's 'bulletproof' offering, the Rezvani Tank.

Ferris Rezvani's 'bulletproof' offering, the Rezvani Tank.

Is this just a small automotive manufacturer trying to cash in on the notoriety of the Tesla Cybertruck? Maybe it is. It's certainly going to get Ferris Rezvani and his company that specialises in creating extremely durable vehicles a bit of extra coverage in the press. Maybe he's trying to do some serious consumer testing here? Who knows, honestly. Whichever way this is going, it's probably going to be pretty damn hilarious.

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Comments (63)

  • Hope Rezvani wins

      8 months ago
  • Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!!!!!!!

      8 months ago
  • Tesla should accept but on the condition that it must be “apples to apples”, and then bring a “plaid” Cybertruck that for some reason will cost 350000

    But knowing Elon Musk, he’ll settle it on Twitter by saying that the base model Rezvani Tank costs nearly ten times the price of a base model Cybertruck

      8 months ago
  • Actually shooting a cyberlambo might actually put it out of OUR MISERY ..... come on Elon build the scaled down semi will actually sell better to people who want actual trucks...not boulevard kowboys!

      8 months ago
  • Elon, will make them bring a RWD base model that's 1.5 tonnes lighter, not bulletproof, with skinnier tyres truck.

    Apples to apples like the ford test

      8 months ago