- The 500BHP Rezvani Tank!

Rezvani Reveals the 500BHP 'Tank', Based On A Jeep Wrangler!

1y ago


Californian Coachbuilder Rezvani have previously brough us the Beast, a car based on the Ariel Atom, pushing out up to 700BHP. Now the company have taken a Jeep Wrangler and produced this, the Rezvani Tank!

Night vision, bullet proofing and a kevlar fuel tank are all options on this SUV

It's not called the 'Tank' for no reason either. Amongst other options on the SUV's specification, is the option of bulletproofing! Other options include night vision and rear suicide doors, which are of course, power assisted. Rezvani's most recent announcement has stated that the SUV will include B6 glass, Kevlar body panels and a Kevlar fuel tank in the armour upgrade option.

All these armour options, and then suicide doors!? What's not to like?

Powered by a 6.4L Hemi V8 engine, the Tank puts out a whopping 500BHP and can now be reserved for a $1000 deposit. Rezvani have made a bold claim that the Tank will be the toughest and most extreme utility vehicle on the planet. Prices will start at $178,000.