I bring you news that isn't actually new, but had to be discussed by yours truly either way.

14w ago

So, here we are. Electrification continues to spread faster than the new covid variant, and as such Drivetribe has ramped up its showcasing of everyone's bs shade throwing. Well, not everyone's.

Anyway this week has been Kia's turn, hence why I am here. And thank goodness the design team were a bit more creative than the marketing one, because this little gem of a thing was dubbed the dubious title: EV6.

What does this mean? Where's the EV5? And will there be a 7? Is EV even representing 'electric vehicle'?

Doesn't matter, none of it does, so don't lose sleep over it. Point is that's a terribly unimaginative representation of the brand's F I R S T fully fledged family EV. Ok second, or third I'm not counting. Of course yes yes there's all the rules and regulations and stuff so we won't cry over spilt predictability. Anyway I know this has really split you lot up as cars from the old SK always, always do, but we don't really know much yet. Nonetheless the opposition is always brilliant to see because it shows that even with Kia's new 'Opposites united' design language in play here, the typical korean controversy lives on, which I guess is sort of.... good for business.....

So here it is:

Oooooo poll before the end of the article how pretentious.

I looooove it, and I deny any allegations of the EV6 sharing body features with those of a frog as certain members of the general DT public seem to be suggesting. Mostly because the EV6 is not slimy or green, nor has it a tendancy to stick out its tongue and catch flies.

What we do know is that on a single charge it'll do 500 kilometres, hence proving (as if proof were needed) that Kia's cars aren't just style and no substance. And who will it suit? Well, everybody really. Because people want crossovers. And here is yet another. This unveiling also quenches my ideas of a pre-released image of the new Sportage being spotted before. Turns out it was this. And while we are here, here is the neat, if not slightly average, interior they've put together:

All very tidy, all very cool. And even mixes colours, very moody.

All very tidy, all very cool. And even mixes colours, very moody.

I know, that is one nasty ass steering wheel. But no, it isn't upside down, it just has a bit of a beer belly by the look of it. First wheel I'd ever describe as 'having a dad bod'. Still, quirky nonetheless.

Is all well?

Not sure, shaping up brilliantly though.

Is this a nice start to ev-ification?

I sure think so. Most manufacturers didn't enter the game with range of 500km. Although in defense of most manufacturers Kia sure took their time. Like I said I really am delighted with the dull name EV6, it is in my mind another big hit for the eyes, and if it follows the common Kia trends, it'll work in every other way too. Other than being a race car. I doubt it would make a very exciting race car.

So what do you think? Please do type away, unless you're just there to say 'yeah so bad evs wow bad ew', and I say that simply because it's a kind of statement with no real substance.

Thanks so much for reading, I'm sorry for coming back to write again lmfao.

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Comments (64)

  • Finally..........another good looking EV!

      3 months ago
  • It actually looks pretty cool!

      3 months ago
  • It’s hideous.

      3 months ago
  • I really like it, but is it just me or am I seeing some MK5 supra in the rear?

      3 months ago
    • Well I guess you aren't the only one anymore, I'm seeing it now lmao

        3 months ago
    • Haha I really like the fact Kia chose to do something different! And god did it pay off!

        3 months ago
  • If it looks as smart on the inside, and is practical, it should be a winner. I like it.

      3 months ago