Ricciardo-Lando Relationship Will Be A Disaster: Here Is Why

A Conversation Starter About Why Their Partnership Will Be Terrible

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To many F1 Fans, Ricciardo & Lando represent the coolest characters on the current F1 grid. This was proven during Max & Ricciardo’s partnership at RedBull. In addition to, Lando & Carlos’ partnership at McLaren. We all had a blast watching their pranks, jokes, and humor.

However, we believe this is about to change when the coolest drivers partner up together next season. The Ricciardo-Lando relationship will be a disaster. Here is why & how we got to that conclusion.

How We Got To This Conclusion?

If we look back at the time when McLaren announced Daniel will partner up with Lando in 2021, to be exact when they were first asked about how they feel about this relationship. It was very clear there were sparks flying around between these two. Such as the infamous “I will end you” statement from Daniel Ricciardo during a Sky Sports interview earlier this season. Moreover, the continuous trolling he does whenever is asked about Lando leading to the last incident between them “Pushing Lando off and telling him to Get Out of Here” during an interview with Sky Sports after the last Grand Prix in 2020.

On the other hand, we can see Lando also tried to get under Daniel’s skin numerous times. Such as trolling Daniel when he overtakes him on track, disturbing Daniel’s personal space (smacking Daniel’s helmet, flipping off his cap …etc.), and so on. But most importantly, Lando himself said during a Sky Sports segment with Carlos Sainz ahead of the 2020 #AbuDhabiGP “you always think of him as a fun guy (Daniel). But, he is trying to be very serious with me on numerous occasions…etc”.

Why Is This Happening?

Well, it’s simple, Daniel is moving into a team that is currently more centered around Lando. Given that Lando has been with the team for a while and has created a strong bond with his mechanics and team leadership. On the flip side, Daniel wants to be the center of the team, to be their number one driver.

This shows that their relationship isn’t going to be as everyone expects. Surely, there will be fun times however, both of them will be trying to up one each other to show who is more dominant.

In addition, he is aware of Lando’s speed and skills. So, he doesn’t want to be beaten by a youngster. So, he is utilizing mind games to disrupt Lando’s mentality and to help himself gain an advantage over Lando.

This is how we feel about the Ricciardo-Lando Relationship in the future, what do you think about it? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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Comments (10)

  • I think people really underestimate the professionalism of both Lando and Daniel because of their outwardly fun personalities. Lando and Carlos got on very well but were competitive and professional on track; I imagine McLaren 2021 will continue in this vein, if a bit more feisty as Lando has now matured into a relatively complete driver.

      9 months ago
    • No one doubts their professionalism. However, Daniel’s character is so different than Carlos’

      Moreover, he is moving into a team to be a clear number one and doesn’t want to get beaten by a youngster. Hence the mind games and seriousness he...

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        9 months ago
  • I think that if either was humble enough then they could use their talents together to fight the other teams. Unfortunately I think they will compete against one another to the detriment of Mclaren.

      9 months ago
    • True, if McLaren next season is continuously fighting for podiums, we are expecting things will start to go south as mentioned in the article & video

        9 months ago
  • I agree with the article, and that's a worry for Mclaren. Recently Ric has been very big headed in regards to his skills - yes he has them and yes every driver is a bit egotistical but he's always come across as more laid back and humble - and I view his jump to the papaya team very disloyal to Renault.

      9 months ago
    • It will be interesting to watch their battle next season :)

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        9 months ago
  • it's not going to happen because Andreas Seidl wont let anything disrupt the progress that the team is making. And besides Dani is a very smart guy and he knows that the relationship Ricciardo - McLaren has to work. his carrer as a F1 driver depends on. And besides Lando knows that his time in F1 will come so he wont try to take over the team.

      9 months ago
    • It will be interesting to watch their battle next season.

      Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we post a lot of interesting content their :)

        9 months ago
  • That makes sense. But please that should not happen

      9 months ago