Ricciardo's F1 Career With McLaren Is At Jeopardy

Here Is Why

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the quickest drivers currently on the F1 grid, he proved his quality when he went up against the 4-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel back in 2014 and beat him. The Aussie recently won the Italian GP with McLaren after struggling all season. However, we believe this win can either make or break his McLaren F1 career, here is why.

At McLaren, Ric's season was a disaster if not a nightmare until the Italian GP rolled out. Dani struggled a lot in taming the MCL35m and in adapting to a totally different power unit and car features. He is being beaten by his younger teammate, Lando Norris, almost on a weekly basis.

However, Daniel's Italian GP was impressive, he looked on par with his teammate all weekend long and got the best of him during the sprint and the race. However, this win came at a high-speed track that favored the MCL35m design philosophy which made the car a bit easier to handle. The win doesn't represent an accurate gauge of whether Daniel has successfully tamed the MCL35m and now is able to extract the maximum out of it every weekend.

Thus, this win and all of its glory might either make or break his McLaren F1 career. If he goes on to beat his teammate at different tracks this season this means he is back to his glory days and he is on top of the MCL35m. But, if he goes on to be 0.5s off his teammate's Quali pace for the rest of the season then this win was just a fluke and was not a confirmation that he is back to his form.

What do you think? Is Daniel back to his form or his Italian GP win was just a one-off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below so we can have a discussion.

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  • It has quirks like the RBR, but the cars change dramatically next season so this season won't matter at all.

      2 months ago