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Rich Energy: The F1 Campaign Marketing Campaign of (Seemingly) Lies

Let's talk about one of the weirdest companies to enter F1

8w ago

Rich Energy, the luxury and #BetterThanRedBull energy drink company made in Austria. They have been marketing F1 for the last few years. But their marketing in F1 has been weird and seemingly full of lies.

Formula 1 is no stranger to odd sponsors from a fake prince sponsoring teams to a condom company sponsoring a team. But Rich Energy stands out as one of the weirdest to enter the sport.

The British energy drink company even entered F1 in the strangest way by claiming they injected 30 million into Force India as they went into administration. It was odd and seemingly they came out of nowhere. It was the start if a weird journey that fans were about to endure.

Since that first tweet, they have sponsored an F1 team as a title sponsor and also left the team halfway through the season. They have also constantly claimed they are coming back into F1. But will they actually? Probably not.

First off they attempted to buy Force India for £100 million, did founder William Storey really think he could buy them for that much when Lawrence Stroll exists? Unlike Stroll Snr. there was no clear history with motorsport and cars for Storey.

Rich Energy were said to not even have enough money to fund an F1 team. Now in F1 even with the budget cap, £100 million is not sufficient. That is where the oddness started with this team. No one had ever heard of them, they were no sticker for them as a sponsor on the Force India car but they just completed a cash injection to the team and were no trying to take them over?

It was a sign of what a stupid company they were or more so a stupid founder in Storey. They made weird moves which resulted in questions but also traction. Traction for the energy drink, which of course they wanted to sell. Making the odd moves marketing.

Then Haas title sponsorship was weird. It bought a nice livery to the grid, however, with black and gold re-entering F1. But, it was ill-fated and resulted in Rich Energy leaving halfway through the season due to performance.

Usually, sponsors, even dodgy ones do not pull out midseason. But Rich energy did exactly that. Haas are not a team fuelled with money, of course, they do have some but not the level of Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine and Red Bull. Which Rich Energy pulling out was bad for Haas, they were already a small team and only just started getting money from the prize fund.

With marketing which is what sponsorship is about, you'd expect it to just stick out the season despite performance because you are still shown on TV worldwide which means the big logo on the side of the car is shown. Typically resulting in a sales drive but to this day they have sold via their website a massive 1,381 cans. Impressive.

It just shows their marketing strategy which is often full of lies, tends to not work.

Now for this 2021 season, they keep claiming they are coming back. Let me tell you something, bet you have figured it out. They are not coming back into F1, if I'm honest. Any team despite desperation for cash is not going to risk a sponsor pulling out midseason. Also, most of the teams are stable for money now, especially since William's takeover.

Yet, Rich Energy will keep playing on the narrative of re-entering F1. Why? It gains them traction, allows their analytics within social media to increase. But overall, is it causing what they need, a drive in sales? The main aim of a campaign in marketing? Clearly not.

The marketing they want to do, probably does not work anymore. Even though they constantly claim they are available worldwide, most of the public cannot find the infamous drink. (I managed to get some off of Amazon, and it's just Red Bull). Fans in F1 now know exactly how they work, they make claims and they turn out to be tosh and we all know this now. This leads to no one wanting to get their hands on the drink, which is the opposite really of what the campaign should do.

They have become a joke and a meme within the F1 community because all they do is lie and try to draw you back in. But the truth is, they aren't going to do anything and we all know that.

However, they have still become one of the oddest companies to enter F1 and try and sponsor teams.

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  • Adverts are meant to be truthful, if not they usually get shut down.

    I’ve no idea how this bunch of idiots are getting away with it

      2 months ago
    • Do you really believe that?, or are we joking?. Ads are always the biggest deceive scam in the media....

        2 months ago
    • Advertising Standards Agency state: marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

        2 months ago
  • My guess it is a "Story" attempt of money laundering

      2 months ago
  • I feel as though this is right up your street

      2 months ago