Richard Hammond Adds New Porsche 911 To His Collection

1y ago


Look at that proud face in the picture above. That's the face a father makes when his children do something that makes him swell with pride. Or in my case, the same face I made when I finally bought the car I had been saving up for years to purchase. It's the face that only a true car lover would make when talking about a vehicle.

In this particular case, we're talking about a 1969 911T. In a video posted in Mark Webber's DriveTribe account (yes, that Mark Webber), Hammond briefly steps aside in the middle of filming to tell us about his new car (he couldn't divulge any further information on what The Grand Tour was working on).

Hammond mentions that the car was "born the same year as me, thought it's in rather better condition." It's not a particularly fast car, packed with a 2.2L engine that produces 125 HP. The car has had three previous owners and only has 55,000 miles on the clock (a number which Richard says he building up quite rapidly).

There's no way for me to embed the video here, so the best I can do is provide you with the link above. It's a beautiful car that's a piece of Porsche history!


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