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Richard Hammond as the greatest British sport racer of Formula1 Nigel Mansell

#movember 2019 Against male isolation in health matters

The project advocates the attention of every man to his health and exciting problems. It is necessary to pay attention to what worries, to signs of disease and not to be silent about pain, anxiety, inconvenience. The project helps men not stand by bravely enduring everything, but find the moral and psychological strength to talk about problems with the doctor or loved ones, with those who could help.

To support the project, you can make a donation, the money from which will be spent on measures to socialize men in society. But that’s not all, to support the project you need to grow a beard on yourself. Because it is natural for a man to wear a beard and mustache.

Richard Hammond, always taking his beard and mustache seriously

... decided to change her shape a bit and shaved off the lower part and repainted it in brown, changed into a blue overall. He acts as the greatest motor sports star - Formula 1 driver Nigel Mansell. But some of his fans think it's Photoshop. In any case, this image makes Richard mysterious and interesting for us, forcing us to look at his life and career from a different perspective. What would Richard have looked like if he had chosen the career of a professional racer? This is an interesting question about men's health!

@Tom Dymond

@Tom Dymond

Richard, said: “I truly admire the incredible work Movember do for men all over the UK. "

“It was a no-brainer for me to show my support and take part in such a fun shoot.”

Speaking about how men tend to cope with disclosing their health related issues, Hammond said there was 'no doubt' that men struggle to talk sincerely about such problems.

"Obviously in my instance, because I suffered a brain injury some years ago in a crash, I encountered a lot of people who've had brain injuries or mental health issues of one sort or another and there's still a reluctance to talk about it, which I find incredible and I find very sad."

He added that he liked the approach of the Movember campaign and that it centered on moustaches.

"It's funny and it is saying, 'Look let's just talk stuff.' It's not trying to make it urgent or pompous and unapproachable. "

"It's about approachability, and about saying, 'Just talk about it with your mates if you're worried".

"You might find either you've identified the problem and it's gone away as a result or you've identified the problem and you can plan a course of action to resolve it"

@tomdymond instagram

@tomdymond instagram

Nigel Mansell is an English racing driver who became the world champion of Formula 1 (in 1992) and the CART World Series (in 1993). He was the reigning world champion when he moved to the USA, becoming the first to win the CART in his debut season, and remains the only person in history to hold both titles at the same time. His career in Formula 1 spanned 15 seasons, and he devoted the last 2 years of his performance in top-level competitions to the CART series. Mansell remains the most successful British Formula 1 driver with 31 victories and takes 4th place in the list of winners for the race for Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

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