Richard Hammond in places he shouldn't back!

The Hamster is everywhere...I should stop messing around with Photoshop...

So...a couple of years ago in a moment of boredom I gave birth to an idiotic idea: to place Richard Hammond in places he's not supposed to be. Here the post that started everything and a sort of logical explanation to this kind of madness.


This first exploit of idiocy was quite appreciated so, I persevered with my nonsense, creating a brand new set of photo-edits, here it is. After this even more successful bunch of stupid photos, other two series were made. In one Hammond was ruining masterpieces of art, an in the last installment he was spoiling some famous movie scene. Then I stopped, not because I was running out of inspiration of course, but you focus on more serious stuff...

Anyway, as often happens, I was tidying up the infinite mess of pictures clogging my mobile phone, and I came across some old edits I didn't post at the time. Since I still own a tribe dedicated to this kind of bull$h1T and it's like ages since I don't post anything here in The Grand Tour's Memes, (which meanwhile, without me even noticing reached over 700 followers) I decide to share some nonsense once again.

Spoiling some LP covers...

Annoying some V.I.P.

Ruining some historical moment...

Attacking famous paintings...

That's all folks!

If you want more just ask!

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