- Hammond at the Warsaw Motorshow

      Richard Hammond interviewed at the Warsaw Motor Show

      Video of Hammond talking about The Grand Tour and his love of Motorshows in Warsaw on 17th November 2018

      2y ago


      Fans of The Grand Tour and Hammond in particular will know that he recently attended the Warsaw Motorshow, where he talked about The Grand Tour, his crashes, his love of motorshows and some teasers of what we can expect from The Grand Tour S3 as well as Drive Tribe.

      Following on from my earlier piece on Hammond's visit to the show I thought you might be interested to see this video of Hammond being interviewed there, it was posted by Youtube user The ExtraKrumbs. It is mostly comprised of one interview, with some additional clips added and you can find the interview below:


      Conducted partially in Polish for obvious reasons, Hammond's answer are in English and as the video goes on it is mostly conducted in English so it is easy to follow for non Polish speakers.

      Let me know what you think of what Hammond says in the comments below. You might also want to see my previous piece on his visit to the show, here's the link.



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