Richard Hammond is selling another car!

Another one?!

1w ago


Watch Richard Hammond's new discovery+ show here:

Watch Richard Hammond's new show here!

The classic cars in this show are stunning.

After working tirelessly to get an Escort RS2000 pristine and ready, Richard Hammond ventured to the Concours D'Elegance at Hampton Court Palace to see if the Ford was up to scratch. While he was there, he also took a walk around the event to see the cars he'd be competing against, including a stunning Pagani Zonda.

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Comments (6)

  • It’s not quite the same as the other cars though, is it? He bought the Escort specifically to do up for resale, it wasn’t one of his ‘toys’ like the others!

      9 days ago
    • Indeed, the Escort has long since been sold and that headline is more than a bit clickbaity.

        9 days ago
  • Perfect example of click bait there

      9 days ago
    • It’s why I’m going off the YouTube channel. Love seeing content from the trios, but I’m here for the cars, not just to give them views

        9 days ago
  • The air intake at the back looks weird with no roof

      8 days ago
  • nice cars all around, I'd have loved to be there and get various heart attacks....

      8 days ago