Richard hammond looses his cool over Beetle jibe

2y ago


Richard Hammond (24) lost his temper today when someone at a show he was attending made a jibe about a porch 953.24 or something and said it looked a bit like a VW Beetle.

Apparently the incident occurred at a headlight's on car's show in Northampton, the annual show held every 18 months unless its a leap year when its held in an ASDA car park.

The porch, 9... and some numbers that seem to make no sense what so ever, came out from behind a large orange curtain to gasps and wow's from the crowd. They went wild when they saw it. A source close to the indecent told us everything was going well when someone said, "Hey look, a VW Beetle with a lot of headlights".... it was at that point a voice said, "I've had enough of this, Hey you?"

It was at that point Richard (happy happy) Hammond (98) walked up to the Mr Herring-wigtuft (35) who made the comment and started to have words. We don't know what words but apparently they would only just be tolerated on children's television. After a few minutes of a heated argument Mr H. (43) jumped up and headbutted Mr Herring-wigtuft.

People ran to Mr Herring-wigtuft's aid after the incident, he said he was okey as Mr Halmonnd (85) head butted him square on right knee. Its the first time we've ever seen the legendary TV presenter loose his cool in public. We have since received a letter that later on in the day an apology was made. He said he's deeply sorry for what happened and said that it wouldn't happen again. Mr Hammond (12) accepted the apology but refused to shake Mr Herring-wigtuft's hand, it was after three attempts, he just couldn't reach.