Richard Hammond reveals his favourite Top Gear moment with Clarkson and May

It's so touching to see just how close the trio is on and off camera

7w ago

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have been working together on television for 18 years now and they have seen and done it all. From driving on the world's deadliest road in Bolivia on Top Gear to falling in lakes in Scotland on The Grand Tour – there is nothing they haven't done, meaning the best moment is hard to define.

While speaking to the Express, Richard Hammond revealed his favourite moment with his two colleagues and it may not surprise you. The moment in question is in the form of a Top Gear episode that took place in 2007 and also happens to be the show's first 'special'.

Hammond said: "I’m going to give you an answer that actually all three of us have given at various times for various reasons.

“For me, it is Botswana when I drove all across the spine of Africa.

“It was everything it looked to be on screen, but it was also the first time we realised, ‘Wait a minute we can go off and have these incredible adventures.'"

“‘Thanks to, amongst others, Andy Wilman’s incredible skill in the edit, we can make that into a show that people will want to travel with us, come with us and share the adventure and the fun,’” Richard continued.

“And so it was important for all of our shared careers, and I think it's when we realised, ‘Hey, this is possible.’

“So it would be that trip that I look back on and think, ‘Wow, that was a game-changer for us and our show.”

The Bostwana special also happens to be the same time Hammond met one of his favourite cars he named Oliver – a yellow 1963 Opel Kadett. This is a car that will always stay with him and stands as a constant reminder of his favourite trip with two of his closest mates.

What's your favourite thing the trio has done?

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Comments (26)

  • What’s your favourite Top Gear moment? @tribe

      1 month ago
    • That is a good question. I imagine it’s in the BL film. Perhaps when the second door fell off the SD1, or when the door opened but the door cars stayed in place, or when Hammond was “Lapped by James May, in an Austin Princess full of water.”

        1 month ago
    • The time when they were talking about unplugging electric cars,funniest moment to this day

        1 month ago
  • When they took the caravan holiday. Classic!!

      1 month ago
  • For me It might be when Jeremy was trying to hit the apple on the apex at that track in Spain, the M3 vs AMG C class vs RS4 film

      1 month ago
    • Good one Mike! I was thinking of this bit last week!

        1 month ago
    • That’s one of my favorite all time TG films. It’s just so quintessentially Top Gear, and the cars are fantastic.

        1 month ago
  • I agree with Richard Hammond. That was an incredible adventure and they shared it with us. That's what makes it all work. They break "the fourth wall" and bring you into the camaraderie and adventure - but it doesn't feel contrived. Individually, they have that talent to do that.

    And then there's Oliver. That's just good fun. A loyal underdog of a car that we can relate to. Many of have had a car like that.

      1 month ago
  • The Reliant Space Shuttle. The Vietnam motorcycle trip.

      1 month ago