Richard Hammond says he loved Clarkson's farm

He also addressed the fact that he is 'banned' from Jeremy's Farm

6w ago

Jeremy Clarkson said that his colleagues Richard Hammond and James May are banned from his farm. When Richard Hammond made an appearance on 'This Morning', he was asked about the fact that he is not allowed to visit Clarkson's farm.

"I read that!" he said. Further on, Richard was full of praise for Clarkson's farming show.

"I mean, I love the show. The key thing about the show, and you can tell when you watch it, is that it is a genuine passion. It's not for effect and it's not just for telly. It's genuinely something he wanted to get to grips with, and that's fantastic. That shines through. It wouldn't be as convincing and as entertaining as it is if it weren't true. That's what's at the heart of it."

Richard also said that they are doing solo shows to "keep ourselves occupied as we get older." Talking about other shows, Richard is right now working on a new show set to air on Discovery+ UK. You can know all about it by checking out the post below

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Comments (3)

  • Still won’t get him an invitation 😂

      1 month ago
  • Now we all know what Hammond will be like playing with tractors. Remember he went cross eyed reading the kids book tremendous tractors

      1 month ago