Richard Hammond Speaks Out About Controversial Ice Cream Joke

1y ago


Remember that joke that made the tabloids go mad? The one about eating ice-cream having a link to homosexuality? Yeah, the joke that was literally just that. A joke.

Well, recently, Hammond has talked about it in an interview.


The joke from almost a year ago went like this:

“I don’t eat ice cream,” Said Hammond. "It’s something to do with being straight. Ice cream is a bit — you know.”

Clarkson replied: “Are you saying everyone who likes ice cream ... you’re saying all children are homosexual?”

Hammond continues: “There’s nothing wrong with it ... it’s that way rather than that way. There’s nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating an ice cream — it’s that way, rather than that way.”

Talking to the Times Magazine, Hammond said that the joke didn't discourage people from coming out. He says:

“It was certainly not what I set out to do. I wouldn’t want to cause genuine difficulty for anyone. But if it’s mock fury, pantomime fury from people looking to take offence then…

“Anyone who knows me know that I was being serious, that I’m not homophobic. Love is love, whatever the sex of the two people in love.

“It may be because I live in a hideously safe and contained middle class world, where a person’s sexuality is not an issue, but when I hear of people in the media coming out, I think, why do they even feel the need to mention it.

“It is so old-fashioned to make a big deal of it. That isn’t even an interesting thing to say at a dinner party any more."

“I’m not a comic," Hammond says, "and when I try to be funny it bites me on the arse.”

Let me know what you think in the comments, but personally, I think a joke is a joke. We know Hammond isn't against homosexuality. It was just taken out of proportion by the media especially. But anyway, have your say in the comments!