Richard Hammond spoke about his new show, fears and greatest passion

It was given to the Ukraine journalist. My translation on English Language

I found an unique and interesting interview on Russian language that Richard recently gave to an Ukrainian journalist. In this interview, he tell us many secrets of a unique show, talks about his hobbies and answers the question why engineering is everywhere near him. We learn that Richard wants to introduce to us his dear friend ... His dog. Could it be Blea Shepherd? Maybe we will find out soon.

I translated from Russian into English and now you too can have fun and become a little happier by reading the most interesting about your beloved and such a cheerful TV host Richard Hammond.

I added photos from my own collection to illustrate it

Blea's first appearance

Blea's first appearance

Interview with a famous Ukrainian TV presenter thanks to Top Gear and Grand Tour

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The tallest building in the world, a giant plane and a huge container ship - what do they have in common? At a minimum, these are the scale of the project and the people who implement them in accordance with all the laws of physics. Richard Hammond, known to the Ukrainian audience thanks to Top Gear and Grand Tour programs, was always enthusiastic about engineering. Now he decided to tell the audience about the big - the most ambitious structures that man managed to build.

Shortly before the world premiere of his new television show "Big", we talked with Richard about the challenges that he had set for himself, about the fight against fears, incredible people and their impressive projects.

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How did the romance between Richard Hammond and science begin

I was always interested in understanding how everything works. As a child, I really liked the books of Dorling Kindersley, in which there were wonderful diagrams about the arrangement of various mechanisms and things. My grandfather worked in the automobile industry - he built cars. Perhaps I inherited this from him. But I like the process by which people design and construct things that people can use for some purpose.

The Big project is different from what you did before.

Tell us about your new show and what to expect from it?

In my program, we are talking about gigantic engineering structures: from the largest cargo plane in the world to the tallest building. We explore these objects and get to know the people who create them and put them into action. In other words, this is a program about engineering and the people involved in its implementation.

What is the most impressive building you encountered on the show

and what did you like most?

Each building is unusual in its own way. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, in addition, it was built in Dubai on the sand. Imagine there is no solid foundation, it just “floats” in the sand. The Brenner Dam is an incredibly beautiful structure that holds millions of tons of water. I was also struck by the cargo plane C-5 Super Galaxy. I flew on it with a woman pilot who sat at the helm of this colossus for the first time. That was incredible! Each design can find such an amazing feature.

In the promo for your show, you say you're afraid of heights.

How do you fight this fear when you climb the heights of huge structures?

It's funny that you ask about it. At first it was very difficult to shoot. Yes, I was terrified, and I did not hide it in front of the camera - you can see how mortally scared I am. But I stood on top of the tallest building in the world, and I think that was what saved me from my fear of heights.

What are the top 3 moments when your adrenaline rush

For all my life there was nothing worse than the moment when I stood on top of the Burj Khalifa, at an altitude of 853 meters above Dubai, and tried to replace the battery and conductor for lighting. From earlier events, I can name the moment when I once rode at a speed of 570 km / h. Also during the filming of the show, I drove a remote-controlled submarine and controlled a rig. It was incredibly exciting, because if I had done it wrong, I could have done billions of dollars in damage.

What was the biggest challenge for you personally on this show?

Perhaps the organization of filming at various large-sized objects. Many designs are not intended for television shows. But we had to deliver the equipment and the film crew there, no matter what. For example, it took us 2.5 hours to install the equipment stand on the bottom of the Maersk Triple E container ship — simply because we had to climb the ropes. So sometimes it was a real expedition.

Imagine you have an unlimited budget. What would you do?

I love to organize shows and explore places, meet people and learn more about complex structures. So, if I had an unlimited budget, I would continue to do so.

Let's talk about cars. Have you always had this passion for cars?

Of course, I have a passion for cars from a very young age. Any machine that can move you physically from one place to another, it seems to me very interesting for research.

What is the difference between ordinary cars

from scientific, technical and engineering structures?

For me, they are connected, because both ultimately come down to talking about people. Cars are designed to move people. But often we use them to tell the world something about ourselves: to demonstrate our wealth, power, valor, courage, or, conversely, hostility to cars. In my opinion, engineering in general is about the same. People are building the tallest building in the world because they want to make a big statement. I want to say that engineering structures will always be interconnected.

What was your first car? Do you have good memories of her?

It was the 1976 Toyota Corolla liftback. You know, I was interested in watching the eldest daughter when she got her first car a couple of years ago. She so enjoyed her freedom! And yes, she was more fortunate than me, because she had a better car than me at her age. But when I got the first car - I was happy only because, I finally had the opportunity to go where I wanted. It has changed my life. However, at that time I had been riding a motorcycle for several years, because in the UK you can ride a motorcycle at the age of 16. Therefore, rather, it was the first driving experience that became one of the most exciting events in my life.

You have a collection of cars in your garage.

Which ones are your favorites? What would you like to add to this collection?

I have a 1962 Jaguar E-Type Roadster that I really love. I also have a 1934 Brough Superior motorcycle that I love just as much. What would I like to add? I would be happy with Lamborghini Urus. Maybe I need another Vincent Black Shadow. Christmas is coming - who knows, maybe Santa will hear me.

Richard Hammond's Land Rovers

Richard Hammond's Land Rovers

Which one do you use most often - for example, to get from home

to the supermarket?

I usually drive Land Rover Defender to move around the country, I can put my dog ​​there. It’s just a car without any “twists”. I do not use Ferarri for these purposes.

Can you recall the funny story that happened to you while driving a car?

I had a lot of interesting things happening in cars. I was in cars that dipped more often than most people. I drove through a huge number of places, volcanoes, rainforests. And on the old Land Cruiser, I even drove into the Bolivian rainforest.

Besides cars, you have a lot of animals, right?

Yes. We have dogs, cats, horses, peacocks, hens, ducks. And at the bottom of the list is me.

Are animals your passion too?

Yes. I have always admired wildlife.

Let's say you are at home and turn on the TV.

Which do you prefer: a TV show about cars or about animals?

I have time to watch car shows. When a free minute is issued, I watch engineering shows. In general, I like informative but entertaining shows.

You are known mainly for the Top Gear and Grand Tour car shows.

What more would you like your fans to know about you?

I would like the audience to get to know my dog. I also like to fly helicopters and be with my family. In general, I am a very family guy, I define myself that way.

Blea, the favorite Richard's dog

Blea, the favorite Richard's dog

Richard, can you say that Top Gear is still your most iconic television show?

Do you think you are recognized precisely because of him?

I think yes. We were very surprised by the effect of the show around the world. Therefore, I am very grateful to Top Gear.

What do you think of the great engineering challenges that we have yet to solve?

Now everyone is puzzling over the climate problem. The identification and confirmation of our environmental impact is an engineering project in itself. We need to find ways to solve this problem. This will be a big project for engineers around the world and there will no longer be a place for political games.

We work on the world all the time. This is driving in cars, and heating our homes, and excessive consumption. We buy goods derived from fossil fuels, created in trailers by children on the other side of the world and sent around the globe in a container ship, to be dumped two days after Christmas.

We need to make big adjustments to our lifestyle. I think that engineers will face a huge number of problems in the future, but these will be very exciting tasks. Their solution will make our life better, more efficient, easier. Thus, engineers will play a large role in the future of our Earth.

Watch the show "Big" as early as Feb 8 (every Saturday) on the Discovery Channel

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