After his recent AMA Richard has thanked his fans for their words of support and given us an update on his health.

4y ago

DriveTribe co-founder Richard Hammond has revealed to fans that his recent injuries will stop him from running for the next 12-18 months.

Whilst he has already been given the all-clear from doctors to get behind the wheel, he still needs to rest his injured leg and will probably be in the queue for a knee replacement a bit earlier in life than he had planned, something the presenter happily joked about.

After hosting an exclusive live video chat with fans of the DriveTribe social network on Friday afternoon - where he revealed his recently restored late 90's Lotus Esprit at Topaz Detailing - he posted a follow-up note to fans thanking them for asking about his health.

"The docs have cleared me to drive again and even to ride motorbikes - which I have been doing and loving. They've also told me it'll be a good year or so before I can run again.

I know, I know: telling James and Jeremy that would be like telling them they can't stick needles in their eyes for a year or so, but I loved running - it's been my therapy and thinking time all my adult life and I'll miss it.

They didn't cheer me up any further when they told me I'll almost certainly need a replacement knee... a little earlier in life than I had anticipated, I might add.

But hey, it would be a lot worse to be told I can run but I can't drive or ride a bike for a year."

You can check out Richard's exclusive post to fans here:

You can check out the original live video chat here:

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Comments (2)

  • Scary crash. You can tell he is grateful to be alive 😳

      4 years ago
  • Wonderful news to hear Richard on the mend,even though got to have a new kneecap.Onwards and upwards Hamster,you're doing great back behind the wheel,where you belong.

      4 years ago