Richard Hammond Updates Us On The Filming Of The Grand Tour

Sounds like they're back at it!

3y ago


With the trio suffering a few setbacks - Hammond's crash on the hilclimb course and Jeremy's bout of pneumonia - they're finally ready to take a step in front of the camera again. Filming for The Grand Tour has recommenced and Richard seems quite the happy chap about the situation.


"It's fine," he tells The Express. "We're all back at it. We were ahead anyway so we've been able to take advantage of that."

Jeremy's IV line during his bout of pneumonia.

Jeremy's IV line during his bout of pneumonia.

"For the first time ever we were early with our homework so that was our lead taken away. We're all fully functioning," he insisted. "We're all briefly functioning at the same time."

So very good news from Hammond! From what he says they're all getting straight back into the action and hopefully, as they were ahead with filming, The Grand Tour shouldn't be delayed! Let's hope it will be on our screens very soon!



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Comments (12)

  • I would absolutely be ok with the release of GT season 2 being pushed back a few months if it meant that it's done right and all three of them are there, together and healthy.

      3 years ago
  • Well it’s about damned time!

    Absolutely chomping at the bit for the new season

      3 years ago
  • Still October ?

      3 years ago
  • Hell Yeah🤘💯

      3 years ago
  • Amen to that!

      3 years ago


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