- Nestbox - Roamer. Pic Credits: Egoe-nest

Richard Hammond will want this camping module

This transforms your van or suv into a camping machine...

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Egoe is a company from Czech Republic that makes lifestyle products for the outdoors - furniture, sporting equipment and camping assemblies/modules. Their camping modules are called Nestbox, and the one that caught my eye has everything you would need for camping, it is called the Roamer.

Nestbox - Roamer. Pic Credits: Egoe-nest

Nestbox - Roamer. Pic Credits: Egoe-nest

The best part is you do not have to modify the vehicle, it fits in the luggage compartment. They have a list of compatible vehicles which include models from VW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Citreon, Skoda, Hyundai, Land-Rover and a few more.

The Roamer is the large version of the Nestbox. This Nestbox contains a folding bed slat, folding mattress, cooker module, water module and even a fridge. It comes with plenty of stowage drawers for cookware, dishes and utensils. Their design is such that all you need to do is install it in the back and when required unfold the bed and you can rest comfortably.

The cooking module is a two burner stovetop and comes with gas cartridges. So you don't have to worry about hot meals you can cook them without any problem. The water module comes with a wash basin as well for the one who has to do dishes and comes with enough space to store water (two 12 litre water canisters) a suction pump and an extendable hose for when it is required.

They provide you with optional extras/accessories for the Roamer. You can add refrigerator, Nestbag - ceiling bad or window bags (whichever one you choose), Nest pillow (pillow) and even Nest Block (folding table).

Nestbag (window bags). Pic credit: Egoe-nest

Nestbag (window bags). Pic credit: Egoe-nest

Roamer has two versions to fit for your compatible vehicle, the difference is the size (thats it). One of them weights 97kgs and the bigger one weights 110 kgs, since this is meant to cater for a max of 2 people it weighs as much as the 1 person and their luggage, so your car won't break or collapse.

With everything provided for and easy installation in a van or SUV, this camping module is all you need and any camping fan including Richard Hammond will want this camping module.

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