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Richmond, Iowa to be night races, as Indy reveals 2020 start times

A brief run-down of Indycar's new green-flag times.

1y ago

While the 2020 Indycar schedule was revealed long ago, the start times of each race were not yet confirmed until now, as Indycar have announced their green-flag times for each race. Many of the events have remained the same, omitting St. Petersburg, Iowa, Mid-Ohio, the Circuit of the America's, and the returning-for-2020 race at Richmond International Raceway.

The changes at each respective race go as follows (all times in EST):

As opposed to the traditional 1:40 start time at St. Petersburg, the green flag will go out at 3:30 PM EST for the season-opening race on March 15th.

Mid-Ohio's change in start time will involve an earlier initiation, contrasting the moving-later time at St. Petersburg, by switching to a 12:45 start from a previously 4:10 PM beginning.

Among those who have pushed-back times, is the race at the COTA, which is moving from a 1:43 PM start time to a 4:10 PM, almost mirroring the Mid-Ohio schedule modification.

Iowa faces one of the biggest switches, as it transforms officially into night race, from what was a gray area between night and day, as it switches from 7:15 PM to 9 PM.

The final race to have changed will take place at Richmond, as the Virginia-based race will start at 8:15 PM, cementing its place as a night race on the calendar.

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  • I would very much like to attend an Indy Car night race.

      1 year ago