- Suter MMX500 is a handful around Cadwell Park

Ride 3 - Reviewed

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Having played Ride 3 on the Playstation 4 for the last six months solid, I thought a review would be in order for those who are considering buying a copy.

It's big!

There are 300 bikes to choose from, from the mainstream manufacturers, right down to specials like the Suter 500. The circuits are also plentiful, with 26 circuits including British favourites like Donington, Oulton and Cadwell, and of course the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

There's tonnes of tuning options on a massive range of bikes

Developers Milestone have really put some effort into expanding the tuning options for the 300 bikes in the game. From adding some Arrow exhausts or Pirelli slicks to your new steed, or porting and polishing the head for an extra few bhp, there are loads of options to tune and fettle the bike for each track, through small gearing and suspension changes you can actually feel.

It's beautiful to look at

A recreation of me on the '98 Yamaha R1 at Cadwell Park

The photo mode allows you to freeze-frame your perfect moments and share them with your friends on social media, and the graphics are sublime from a relatively small developer.

So, what's the gameplay like?

Here's where most motorcycle simulators fall short, and Ride 3 isn't perfect. Nobody has quite managed to harness the perfect balance between a skilful simulator and a fun arcade style.

The bikes require an early turn in to hit the apex, which means you'll need to spend lots and lots of time getting to know the tracks to get decent performances. Even on easy mode, it's still tricky to master.

It's not just new bikes. Ride 3 has loads of classics to choose from

This proved itself as circuits like Oulton Park, Cadwell, Donington and the 'ring (which I know from real life) I was able to master more quickly than the newer tracks I had less knowledge of.

There are also rider aids such as traction control and ABS to assist you, but don't worry, you can turn the traction control off to get a drift on or pull a nice long wheelie.

There's also plenty of road racing circuits, although I can't help but wonder how well Milestone could've replicated the TT course given enough time. A shame it's been licensed to other developers.

Kawasaki's H2R is utterly bananas on this game

Just like in real life, Kawasaki's 300 horsepower H2R is just as mad as you'd imagine, topping over 230mph on the straights of the North West 200 course.

A small gripe

Being a self confessed grammar Nazi, I was cringing whilst reading the intro descriptions of each bike. They were littered with spelling mistakes and factual errors, clearly written by someone with poor motorcycle knowledge or someone in a serious rush. Milestone - next time come to me for the descriptions! ;)

Dodgy descriptions

Grammar aside, there's also supermoto racing which is hard to master on the tough, twisty SM courses

Aprilia SXV 450

There's also an (almost) endless list of helmets, leathers, gloves and boots from all the big names including Arai, Alpinestars, Dainese and the rest.


The huge list of races, bikes and challenges will keep you busy for plenty of time, and the weekly challenges and DLC packs with new bikes are a nice feature.

Yes, the physics of the game aren't perfect, but they're progressing and are the best available at the moment.

Certainly worthy of a download, even if it's just to recreate your own trackday photos.

Me. Cadwell Park Gooseneck. Let's not go there...

Beautiful graphics and almost perfect physics - just not quite

Electric bikes also feature

H2R. Good brakes

You can share and download liveries online. Here's a Nicky Hayden tribute Honda Fireblade

Yamaha R1M